Best Feature In Nikon D850 | Silent Photography

Hello Friends, This is Siddharth Malkania In our last two reviews of Nikon D850 we discussed about its two beautiful functions in which, one was back button illuminations and another was

Peaking level We will discuss about Silent Photography today In case you are a street photographer or a wildlife photographer It is a beautiful feature for you It may enhance your workflow If you just choose or turn on this option You have to turn on LIVE view mode also in the camera I tried to use this feature with viewfinder (without live view mode) But I could hear the sound of the shutter When you go for a street photography I have done street photography a lot at that moment, the sound of the shutter disturbs the subject You don't want to disturb your subject in street photography because such sound ruins the moment same goes with the wildlife Wildlife is very sensitive in its nature any kind of sound kills such moment The sound of the shutter disturbs the wildlife You have to turn on Silent Photography with Live view mode Turn on the Electronic VR Having done that, Press the shutter release button the moment you press it Live view mode will go blank/dark And picture will pop up on the screen in a moment I tried it through a hip-shot and tested this feature on street photography You can see

subject is on its position When I made this shot through hip-shot There was no sound of shutter Because of no sound in shutter My subject could not realise that his moment was captured Though, It is a tough job to get the perfect shot through a hip-shot If you go for a silent photography in this camera Imagine! Your workflow can be enhanced You may not miss beautiful moments If you are active in wildlife photography or in a street photography I am of the view that

this feature may revive the street photography In Asia, Street photography is still alive But, In the West, the situation is not similar for street photography Because of this feature I feel that street photographers in the West

would be able to do a street photography without disturbing the subject

Source: Youtube