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5 Reasons Not to Use the Django Admin

– Hi, Buddy Lindsey here from GoDjangocom Today, I wanna talk to you about something that is gonna meet with a lot of resistance with the rest of the Django community That's the fact that I don't think you should use the Django admin in production Now, I have two caveats with that One is […]

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Introduction to Django: What is it and getting set up

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to start a series on a Python framework I use every day: Django In this video, I'll go over what Django is and how to get it installed So what is Django? Django is a web framework What's a framework? The best description I ever heard of a framework is […]

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Introduction to Django: Templates

Hello everyone! In the last video, we got some views set up for the betterreads project While we did create a few simple templates so we could see the output of the views, the resulting pages were pretty ugly In this video, we're going to improve these pages so they show the data we want, […]

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