Darktable Intro

In this video we are going to see the basic functions of an excellent photo editing software, Darktable For those who have never heard of Darktable before we can assure you that it is an excellent program to edit raw photos and organize all your photographs

It is very similar to Adobe's, editing software, Lightroom, but it has some very significant differences: It is available for Linux, it's free, it's open source and some people claim that it has more editing tools than Lightroom Of course, as most open source softwares it isn't only for Linux If you visit the install page you'll see that there are various packages for various distros, and additionally packages for MacOS και FreeBSD Windows users unfortunately can' t use this excellent software and they must stick to the quite expensive Lightroom which costs 12,39 euros a month or 147,91 euros a year! To install it on Fedora, which is the Linux Distro we're using to test Darktable, we simply open a terminal and write the following command: “sudo dnf install darktable”, -since it is already on Fedora repositories- and hit enter Darktable is at the repositories of all basic Linux Distributions as we can see at the install page of Darktable and we can install it with the right, for every distro, command

Directions for that are at the Darktable website After we install it, we can open it from the control center of Gnome hitting super key (windows key) and start writng it's name, Then it will show up As soon as it opens we see a screen that is called Lighttable Different functions of Darktable can be changed from the upper right corner For now we stay at Lighttable, a function, in which we can organize our photographs import photos from our folders or directly from our camera or mobile phone we can rate our photos, assign tags, labels, descriptions We can edit one photo and apply the changes we made to all the photos of our catalogue And after all that we can export the photos from raw to any format e

g TIFF, JPEG, PNG or whatever we want Next function is called Darkroom and we can access it by pressing to the upper right corner At Darkroom we can edit all the photos we can make white balance correction fix exposure, add effects change and correct colors and many more functions And because it is a raw photo editor, all the changes we make don't affect the original raw photo and all the changes are stored to a temporary file The changes will stay permanent since we stick to them, only to the exported photos (e

g jpeg) We can navigate to the other views of Darktable by clicking on the names at the upper right corner Tethering,is a function, which is used mostly at studio photography At map, where the user can add a location to each photograph Next view is Slideshow, where photos are in full-screen for a show off or display

Last tool is print, which is exactly what the name suggests: preparing photos for printing and sending photos to the printer To return to Lighttable we can press the name at the right corner or press L at the keyboard Darktable has many keyboard shortcuts which are very convenient to navigate to different menus or different tools For the menus, we just have to press the first letter of their name We can navigate to Darkroom by pressing D, or to Print by pressing P, or go back to Lighttable by pressing L At Lighttable, we can see 4 panel at the edges of the screen We can hide those panels by pressing the arrows, which are at the middle of every panel, so we can have more working space We can bring them back by pressing the arrows again which, of course, are still there To hide all the panels at once, we just have to press tab and to restore them again one more tab is enough

This function is very useful since it maximizes our working space For example at Darkroom, when we press tab, our photo is almost full-scren Pressing tab again, will restore all the panels, and then, by hitting L we can go back to Lighttable At Lighttable we can see those three icons The gear icon is settings If you haven't use Darktable before, it's useful to check all the settings because there must be some that you would want to change It goes without saying that if you don't know what a setting is or what a setting means, don't mess with it or at least google it first

From the shortcuts tab you can check what shortcuts are there and change whichever doesn't suit you As soon as you are done with the settings, press close In this video we made just a simple presentation of Darktable Darktable is a very complex application with many settings and many different ways to edit a photo There are many online tutorial videos for Darktable, general videos or for a specefic function

All apps of such complexity need a lot of reading a lot of searching and a lot of patience This video is just an intro and it was made to point out the many capabilities that Darktable has, as an app and as an Open Source Software