Eli Manning’s Photographer | Hardest Jobs in Sports

– Eli Manning has accomplished just about everything an NFL quarterback could hope to He was drafted first overall

He's won two Super Bowls But there's still something he hasn't done He's never taken a decent photograph And I would know I'm his personal photographer

(elegant piano music) Photographing Eli Manning is tough He just has A dumb face

Normally, NFL teams hire one photographer to photograph the whole team, but Eli is so not photogenic, the Giants hired me to just photograph Eli People always ask me, "Is Eli Manning as dumb as he looks?" And the answer is no He's actually one of the smartest quarterbacks It's just that his face is dumb It's like the Blake Bortles of faces

Sometimes Eli looks confused dumb Sometimes he looks squared dumb Sometimes he looks guy who got his face stuck in a fan dumb But usually, he just looks dumb dumb You know how kids don't quite know how to smile yet, so they just kind of grit their teeth? Eli's like that, except he's 36 and he somehow has less control over his face

I decorate my office with the best photos I could get of him This is Eli at the NFL draft He said it was the happiest day of his life At this point, I resorted to using Photoshop to make Eli look like he's smiling I don't know, is this better? God, Eli, I hate your face

There are certain kinds of specialty photographers that would kill for a model like Eli You know, if you wanted to take a stock photo about memory loss or adult illiteracy At this point, I'm just ready to give up Maybe I'll start photographing some other quarterback Just not Jay Cutler

He's always asleep or naked In the sports photography community, I'm known as The Fixer When it became obvious that LeBron was losing his hair, I found an angle that made it look like he wasn't But there's no good angle for Eli

Source: Youtube