Fuji Guys – FUJINON XF60mmF2.4 & XF80mmF2.8 – Shooting Macro Photography

Hey everyone; I'm Jerry And I'm Gord

And we're the Fuji Guys Today we're gonna go through some macro photography Yeah I have the 60mm F24 mounted on the X-E3

And I have here the new 80mm Macro F2 8 mounted here on the X-T2 We're gonna go out take some pictures show you some of the differences between these two lenses and hopefully you get some great shots from today And if you want to learn more, hey, stick around When you're working with macro photography one of the nice things to make the lighting a little bit more dramatic is to take the flash off of the camera To do that there's a couple of options including using a corded option

Anything that works with the Canon OCE III will actually work within the Fuji system with any of our X-Series cameras so when you're working you can actually move the flash to a number of different locations have a bit of fun with it and be able to practice and try the different options within there It works really well when you're working with macro photography so at that point you can capture some really dramatic lighting depending on the subject you're working with One of the really nice parts about the 80mm Macro is that it's stabilized It gives you up to five stops of stabilization on four different axes Works whether that's shooting in photos or in videos

That's a really cool feature; that's one of the ones I really am looking forward to It's actually the first prime that we've stabilized as well If you have a macro lens or even if you don't have a macro lens and you want to get a little closer to your subject you can pick up one of the extension tubes There's a couple of different lengths that are available They actually go in between the camera and the lens and that'll actually allow you to be able to go a little bit closer to your your subject to be able to capture those images a lot closer

On the 80mm macro one of the great advantages to this one is that it actually allows you to also use the teleconverters; whether it's the 14 or the 2x teleconverter they're completely compatible another benefit of the teleconverters is that you can get further away from your subject this is not to scare that subject when you're photographing it That was our video on some of the tips and tricks on macro photography with the Fujifilm lenses I really enjoyed using the XT 2 with the 80mm It was great having be able to do those handheld shots without having to worry about using a tripod

And I got to say that how light the 60mm is with the X-E3; it is amazing to work with Nice and easy I don't feel tired at all A lot of fun today It was a lot of fun If you'd like to see some more tips and tricks on this follow us on YouTube subscribe to our Channel

And don't forget to also follow us on Twitter on Instagram and like us on Facebook Until next time I'm Jerry and I'm Gord and we're the Fuji Guys