Gimp Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome to GIMP for beginners In this tutorial you learn about the main components of the program such as a canvas, the main menu, the toolbox, and the tool options

You will also learn to use some of the keyboard shortcuts such as zooming, panning, rolling, undo and redo When you open GIMP, this is what you see You have the main window over here and this is your toolbox On your main window, you have your main menu above here To access functions in the main menu, you simply choose a category like Colors and then you select the action you want in the submenu : the brightness and contrast, color balance and so on

You can also access function in regards to the image You can transform it by flipping it, rotating it and so on this is also where you access regular file functions like Save, Creating new or Opening an existing file If you want to use GIMP to paint or draw, this is where you would create a new canvas, so you simply go New, click on it and select the size you want will go 500 by 500 for this one, click OK Now you see ever a new canvas

You can open more than one canvas at the time This time I'll open a new one but I'll change the color I'll go to my color palette over here, double click, select red, OK Make sure that's in the background then I go File, New, and there you go so I can open as many as I want To use the tool in the toolbox, simply click on the button, and that selects my tool, if I want to adjust my tool, I double click on it, and that allows me to set the brush type, size, colors, opacity, and so on

So now I can draw white circles if I want So again every tool has options, for instance if I use the airbrush, you can see now that it's kind of pale, if I double click on the airbrush button, select tool options I can adjust the pressure and you see now when I press it comes darker I can also change the size of the brush and the shape of it You'll learn more about tools later Now let's look at how to edit pictures with GIMP

If you want to edit pictures, all you have to do is import it into GIMP, you don't have to create a canvas When you edit pictures sometimes you want to work on details so you need to zoom in very quickly To do this all you have to do is press the [Control] key, hold it down and scroll your wheel on your mouse, and that allows you to zoom in or zoom out When you're zoomed in, if you want to scroll, all you have to do is let go of [Control] and simply use the wheel on your mouse to roll up or down And if you want to go from side to side you press the [Shift] key, hold it down and roll your wheel up or down to go from left to right

And finally if you want to undo something that you've done, you simply press Ctrl-Z and that will go away And then if you decide that you want to redo it you press Control Y Now that you know all this, you're ready to watch the next tutorial on basic photo Corrections