Gimp100Podcast #38: Crop an image with a defined aspect ratio: Darktable Vs. Gimp

Cut images with an aspect ratio defined darktable vs GIMP the aspect ratio of an image describes the proportional relationship between its width and length

and it is commonly expressed as x colon (:) and the two most commonly used aspect ratios are: 4: 3 and 16: 9 Now, let's turn our image with darktable I took several photos that day to which I already gave them a score so already you'll edit photos to select a picture with which to work double-click it and it will take you to the dark room To see a full screen preview only press the TAB key and the spacebar to view the next photo on your carousel Press the TAB key again to return to the workspace and select the image you want to edit You can hide unnecessary panels clicking on the white arrows Now go to "core group" and select "Cut and Rotate" If you can not find it opens the bottom slider to view all modules darktable has a variety of options so feel free to play with them When you find it, I clickealo and this opens the Options Module including'll find one called "aspect" This option has a list of aspect ratios you can choose in our case, we will select 16: 9 and this ratio will block the cutting tool no matter where the grips If you need more help, You can activate the option "Guides" "Rule of Thirds" which will help you locate your items in the most attractive position

When you're happy with your selection cutting double-click it and apply this cutting and that's it! Now it's time to add color and effects and you have your wallpaper ready Now, do the same in GIMP Open your application and drag the image Now select the cutting tool and the tool options looks to the past Guides and enable the Rule of Thirds In the middle section, You will see several boxes of selection activate the "Fixed" option and from the menu, select "aspect ratio" This will make the cutting tool maintain a specific ratio just below this, there is a box Enter the desired ratio; again, 16: 9 and that's it

Now draw a box on your image and proportions remain the same the ratio you specified Once happy with the cut you double-click within the selection and this will apply the changes Now we just put our new wallpaper and enjoy what we did Now you know how to cut a picture maintaining the aspect ratio in darktable and GIMP Did you like this tutorial? Look more