How to customize, compile and install the Linux Kernel On Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint

How to customize, build and install the Linux kernel Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint Create a folder named kernel Download the kernel folder: wwwkernel

org unzip files Open a terminal window Install the necessary tools to compile the Linux kernel sudo apt install gcc libncurses5-dev dpkg-dev libssl-dev Directory input decompressed cd kernel kernel sources Directory input decompressed kernel source cd linux-linuxversion Start the Linux source code configuration tool make menuconfig In this menu, you can customize your kernel Save and Exit Compiling the kernel make -j 5 KDEB_PKGVERSION = 1yourcustomname deb-pkg Grab a cup of coffee, because it takes a;) Installing the kernel sudo dpkg -i /linux*

deb Restart You can check your kernel version of the kernel command: uname -r Command you can easily uninstall the kernel: sudo apt purge linux-image-yourversion linux-image-yourversion-dbg

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