How to Edit Traditional Art and Change Background Color in GIMP

Hi everyone! I got comment on one of my earlier Inktober videos asking how I changed the color of the background from white to black In this video I'll show you how I normally edit a traditional drawing, how I fix crooked eyes and how I change the color of the background

If you only want to see one of those things, I'll put timestamps below so you can skip to that part in the video The original ink drawing has a white background I scanned the drawing in 300 dpi resolution to make it printable in A4 size and then edited it in GIMP, which is a free image editing software you can download on your computer I first cropped the image using the crop tool, because the scanner left some gray edges Go to selection and choose crop to selection

Next I adjusted the levels Go to colors and choose levelsUse the white eye-dropper and click on the lightest part of the image and the black eye-dropper and choose the darkest part of the image

Now the image has more contrast It's a black and white image so I wanted to remove any colors that might be in the scan Choose colors and desaturate I had fixed up the ink lines with correction fluid and I noticed that part looked gray so I opened levels again and clicked the gray part with the white eye-dropper to make that the new lightest shade so it turned white Next I sharpened the lines by selecting filters, enhance, sharpen

There's a preview image to help you adjust the sharpness Next thing I noticed was that the eyes look crooked, the eyes are pointing in slightly different directions So, I decided to move the left iris closer to the nose I used the free select tool to select the iris Then I cut out the selection and pasted it back so I could move it with the move tool

You can cut by pressing ctrl X and paste with ctrl V I continued the line of the iris with the brush tool Now both of the eyes are looking to the right instead of looking different directions Finally, I removed the background to be able to change its color Go to layer, transparency and choose add alpha layer

I used the fuzzy select tool to select areas based on color I selected areas of the white background and deleted them by pressing ctrl X to reveal the transparent background underneath The area has to be bordered to avoid deleting parts you want to keep white So, I had to continue some lines to the edge of the image with the paint brush tool As I was removing the background, I noticed there are some small particles that were not completely white and didn't get deleted

You can remove those with the eraser tool or selecting the area with the free select tool and pressing ctrl X To add the black background, I right clicked the original layer and chose new layer, painted it black with the bucket tool and then moved it below the first layer And this is what the image looks like with a white or a black background and what the eye looks like before and after fixing it Go to my channel to find more art tips like this Thanks for watching!