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Wow, the weeks really just fly by, don't they Well, we all know what that means (energetic music) Welcome back to yet another Two Minute Tuesday So good to have you here In today's topic we will be discussing architecture photography

(energetic music) Couple of thoughts that I have when it comes to this, being that I live in a massive city that has tons, a whole hell of a lot of badass architecture that I have shot throughout the years in many different situations and scenarios So we're gonna take you through a little bit of that today And just show you what I think when it comes to taking pictures of buildings and things of that nature So, with that being said, let's throw two minutes on the clock (explosion) Let's go

First things first, we want to check out the vantage and the surroundings Do a little survey, walk around the block Check it from across the street How does it look low, how does it look higher up Something that might look mundane on the street, when you get up close looks absolutely phenomenal

Like this shot right here It looks like a UFO's coming down to just zip me away Crazy Getting that kind of wherewithal so that we know what we want to photograph is the first step to taking a great photo Sometimes the best vantage isn't the most obvious vantage that might just be head on

Beauty of architecture is exactly that, it's beautiful These people are artists that are designing these buildings It has a unique touch from the very person that designed it So we want to find that and show it off using your creative skills and talents Something I like to say is don't forget to look up

Be it that that's outside or just walk in the building and look up, as well Sometimes these designers don't just make a crazy awesome-looking building on the outside, they make it awesome on the inside, too Like this building, for instance I was going down an escalator, I looked up and poof, NASA headquarters, yes please Framing buildings using other buildings

Just like we talked about in the composition video, using other buildings to frame the building that is the subject can be a super cool, metta, if you will, way of approaching photography when it comes to buildings Here's an example right here of two office buildings sandwiching the CN Tower with a little sliver in between that it just fits It's just perfect Lastly, is capturing the close-up details of these buildings Some of them can only be seen when you are super close

Maybe it's the texture of some tiles that line one side, maybe it's the whole building's texture in and of itself that you can't see from far away, but when you're close up you can Which leads me to my next point, which is the gear you're gonna use Wide angles are obvious The wider, the better That's always good, you wanna have that if you're doing architecture photography

But, maybe a macro lens is something you wanna bring along, too, for those very details The stuff that nobody sees far away So, have a good mixed bag of lenses I wouldn't say just limit yourself to wide angle, play around Lastly is perspective

Taking advantage of the lens corrections and transform features of light room can dramatically change for the better, sometimes for the worse, your photographs Just hitting vertical on a photo like this will completely make that perspective straight on which looks great You get two blank spots in the corners, but if we're cropping this for instagram, we're done Thank you very much, yes please So, that's it for me today, guys

I hope you enjoyed this video And the last thing I'll leave you with is the best part of architecture photography which is the replayability that it has I'll use a video game term here, but essentially that means you can just keep shooting it over and over and over with the change of seasons, the change of weather, sunset, sunrise, maybe even it's raining, in the snow These buildings look great all year round So, using your creativity and your personal style mixed with the surroundings constantly changing

You have a great opportunity, a great platform to practice and continue shooting awesome stuff So, get out there with your camera, go mess around, have a great time Hit that like button if you like this video Smash it if that's something that you're into Subscribe if you aren't already, And, and see you guys in the next video

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