How to Piss Off a Photographer

Oh hey! Lok! Hey how's it going man long time no see! You're Warren! Yea yea yea man we met while ago somewhere but you're a photographer now! That's crazy! Yea

just make a living Yeah this is I mean this is a nice camera and everything look at that eight, five mm? I don't know what that means but it looks cool There you go! Look at me I'm a photographer Wow! This thing goes for ages! One thing I don't understand why is this thing so heavy? It's so plasticky though, it's made out of plastic isn't it? No it's metal! No, no, no

it's, it's for sure plastic This is the only thing metal on it You can't trust those sales persons right when they tell you things trust me I know sales okay! Tell me honestly how many

how many models have you really slept with mmm 0, 1, 8, D do you like charge it with the USB or something? What does this do? What's this stuff? What is what's this? What's this? Hey Lok what what does What does, what does, what does that do? So many buttons! Oh Look! More flaps! More flaps! Flag ship camera Oh pop up boner flash! Where's arr where's the zoom button? It don't zoom It's a fixed focal length But every every camera zooms in right every every camera you go and you go I saw someone on YouTube from like err channel *bleep* gitalRev, that A means "auto" like there's a P mode, what else you think the P mode do? P is for "pro" right? You know when you're taking photos, high ISO obviously makes everything blurry Shouldn't the ISO only change the sensitivity No no no no no no no higher ISOs means everything's blurry that's why I always shoot at ISO 100 I follow like all of Kai's videos Yeah yeah he he told me the way of the Force Why are you using Nikon you know emm

obviously canons better right Everyone knows canons got more megapixels so I mean obviously you're got paid to use this right come on let's be honest Why are you using a Mac I mean I thought Mac was just for looks you can't really do anything with a Mac it's just the same price you pay for this you can easy buy a really really really really really fast PC and your worries be over right or you can just install windows on this, bootcamp Are you happy with your dongle life? Becauseyou know I'm happy with one dongle my own but that's it This one I like and this one I like let's see this this is this is good because oh wait I see some dirt must be on the lens element oh you gotta keep You've got to keep your lenses dust free Don't worry I've got this You guys just have it so easy I have to say I mean All is is just like a click of button right and then you're done I mean let's be honest it's just your assistants that do all the work isn't it I mean but yeah easy life photographers My boss asked me to look for a photographer friend you know just help us take some pictures and whatnot you know budget is a budget is I guess you could call budget is you know non-existent but you know it's you know it's just something we'll give you We will put your stuff everywhere right on a Facebook and Facebook live Facebook stories what you think I mean Your stuff will be huge Can I ask is this err, is it, is it photoshopped? This must be photoshopped right? Oh come on that's Photoshoped This has got to be Photoshoped there's no way you met, you met Dave Dugdale! Comeon! I'm a big fan of your work but as you know it's obviously because of the camera right? It's because of this expensive camera this one obviously People like me who can afford toilet paper we can't take good shots like that I love these photos but I mean did you did you take them all really? And let me know about the emm

my oh sorry! Who emm you know he really want you to take pictures for us I you're ok, you know, you just, you're ok You Photoshop a lot of stuffs but you know

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