How To Setup and Install Ubuntu Mate 16.04.2 LTS on Raspberry Pi 3 or 2

In this quick video I'm gonna show you how to install Ubuntu Mate on the Raspberry Pi, now this is only compatible with the Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 So if you have a Raspberry Pi 1 or Zero, unfortunately it won't be compatible So the first thing you're going want to do is to ubuntu-mateorg Once you're there go right up to the top and click on "Download" On thins page you'll be presented with a few options and what you'll need to do is choose the "16

042" Version And then go right to the very end and click on Raspberry Pi Here you'll be given a couple of options to download, you can use a Torrent or you can download it directly from here This file is about a Gigabyte, so once it's finished downloading what we'll do is we'll open up "Etcher" and we'll start writing the Image So the first thing you'll do is you'll select the Image, once you've selected the image you'll select your device, now just make sure this is the right one And after you've selected your device, we'll hit the "Flash" button This will take a little while depending on the writing speed of your SD Card, so, make a coffee and then come back So now that that's finished writing it will automatically unmount, you can place it in your Pi and we'll get ready for the setup So the first time this runs it will resize the partition so it's using the whole MicroSD Card And this will take a little while but eventually it will come up to the Ubuntu MATE screen And here we'll go through the configuration, choosing our language first and hitting "Continue" Then choosing our closest city on the map and hitting "Continue" Now our keyboard layout should automatically be detected so all we need to do here is hit "Continue" And now we choose to type in some details about ourselves, now you don't have to use your real name here obviously so pick whichever you like and then just hit "Continue" And now the configuration is done, the system will start setting the rest of the installation files Next thing it'll apply some changes and shortly afterwards it will reboot And once the system is fully rebooted you'll get back to the Ubuntu MATE desktop Awesome For more great videos like this one make sure you subscribe this channel and make sure you hit the bell icon too, to get notified of new video releases And as always, Imagine, Learn, Create

Source: Youtube