i-D Meets: Next Gen Photographers

When something seems nice, I take a picture And if the photo turns bad, which is sometimes the case, then I do not use it

Nobody sees it, I throw it right away in the trash I think my work celebrates natural, being yourself It's okay to be different, to have the strange look or have buttons I studied at Saint Martins for a week and a half, and then I stopped So I have not really studied, I learned on the job, the As

I did not know how to become a photographer, but I was enormously photos and I tried to send them to ezines or anyone likely to publish that more and more people see them I bought a new camera every week on eBay, they always ended up breaking because I was taking too many pictures And only at the end of last year that I told myself "Okay, actually I really need to invest in hardware" In my work, it is the spontaneous moments that I prefer Even when I asked a model to take a break and it ends up taking another, I say "in fact, is better" We are taught to do many things for free, he must say yes to everything to be successful and I really think it's paying From now on, I try to accept jobs that are actually beneficial to me or ask me to do a great job

And since I'm trying to do less, my work has improved I crossed along country wide and I want to continue If I spot a photo to be taken somewhere, I rush So I spend a lot of time in this car There, we're leaving London to see Robin Bell, my printer

It was he who printed the entire This Is Grime I think because of that, he understood where I was coming that in my work, the subject prevails over technicality One of the reasons I work with film, is that I'm never interested me scenography of a studio or lighting I just try to be me and that person and try to get something out of this meeting And I really wanted to go to a traditional approach to the black and white portrait I wanted to honor these people take pictures seriously in the image of their way to make music

This was to give them that time The portrait is close to my heart I like people, I like their faces So I would be happy if for the rest of my life, I had to do only the portrait it would make me happy

But where are we? Help me! What does somewhat resemble a place where someone develops pictures? I know damn nothing Where's Robin? That Robin! How do you enter? Based on my bell Olivia is sensitive to the quality and the final rendering, a feeling that we can hold in his hands, which is absolutely beautiful That's what I'd like to print, Uncle Robin Today, things exist only on screens, and not interested more than three seconds

While when you go somewhere and we discover a beautiful impression on a wall we can stay in front for minutes This is what makes the power of the physical object This is my favorite time – It's magic It's great, right? Just a little light and a photo-sensitive paper

You press a button and the magic happens You know, you should be Robin printer You do that very well My name is Campbell Addy, I am a photographer and founder of the agency and Nii Niijournal Niijournal is a magazine that talks about sexuality, diversity but a liberating tone away from pessimism

Through this work, I try things I ponder "This is how the world sees us, but this is how we really are " It is exploring other ways of living or dressing My identity is fundamental in my work Here is a self-portrait, so it was me It was and is to me? I dunno

I never slowed down I like to be constantly in action, even when I'm not working I take pictures because that is really what I love to do An exhibition will be held soon to Niijournal, we completed financing through Kickstarter yesterday, so I'm very excited We are here to visit Gareth, who will handle the exposure bracketing

I love those! We are here to create a world that reflects the spirit of Niijournal, I would like to have photos appear to float It's a real sandwich, you must put the image between two perspex plate like that We are almost there – It's not nearly – It's not nearly

Today I shoot the Marieyat jerseys for a lookbook Because these suits, we thought it would be consistent to be by the sea! I think it's good that time is changing I love close-ups You can not hide in a close up, it remains only a face It's really good

And it reflects a certain natural awkwardness I really trust me on taking pictures, so I do not take a lot of pictures I think the silver suits me I think in silver, there is the pleasure of really do not know what you photographed before development, and it's part of the fun I believe that as I have not really been trained, I do not know how things are supposed to work so I shall above all an atmosphere or a state

In each photo, I realize I'm getting better and it gives me inspiration Challenging perceptions, I believe it is one of the most important things when made photography This is changing our understanding of the world by offering a new way to represent the people and allow them to decide how they want to be photographed That's why I do not have a definite idea of ​​what I'll do today with Funk and children, I try not to be overly prescriptive in what I do Gwan, boys

Come here and let me get you picture taken Take your ball, you can keep it – Cheese! – Cheese! Continues to rise Okay, we'll take your cap And Funk, looks good goal

Good Whatever the media, representations of black men rarely attach to the context of the family or that of friendship I'm trying to build a complete picture of someone with a single image and it is very difficult I think it's great It's very strange to see a picture come to life

It's beautiful What do you think about it? I find this beautiful Hopefully, Gareth? I do not know how to express it, it's as if one of your friends zoomait a portrait of you It's a bit like feeling under a microscope I like this A4

It's like saying "Look at the picture I took" And if you really do not like it, it sets you So here we are at the opening of the exhibition and Niijournal magazine It's exciting to see people discover the expo I think they are doing something great I love the camaraderie that emerges reminds me of when I was young These kids say, "Okay, emmerdons the fashion industry

" "If they do not want to invite us on their podium, so we'll invent our own " My energy comes from my pleasure to take these photos I like to give people the opportunity to see through my eyes Photography is powerful in many respects It can provide access to someone's experience and help to influence how we approach a subject We all want to work together because we want to be perceived normally not as black photographers as women photographers Just as photographers, period

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