Kako v Openshot programu odrežem del videa

Select video file I want to shorten You can select multiple files that can then drag the timetable for processing – timeline Adjust the time gap to facilitate a specific location on konecu video Select "Razor" tool, scissors for home

And click on the place where I want to prematurely end the video clip There were two parts of the recording Replace tool arrow and right-click menu to open Clip Select "Remove clip" Now let's look at what we have possibilities to export First, I set a new track name and location where this is the only location Let's first advanced options

Instead, the video can create a sequence of images "Image Sequence" Various kinds of video formats Video codecs Setting the soundtrack In this clip does not sound so I chose "None" Now let's see how to "quickly" set the settings for posting on Youtube channel

I posted in the "online" Choose Youtube and to define the quality Click "Export Video" And wait for the completion of the encoding of a new video Official website: www

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