Kdenlive 15.12 New Features

Hello and welcome to Kdenlive 1512 We are going to take a look at the new features and we're gonna start with the effects

So as you probably already know, you can mark effects as favorites, and then you have access to them in this "favorite effects" tab Now you can filter this tab using search Also there is a new favorite effects icon which you can use to quickly pick an effect As you probably already know, you can add effects to clips in the project bin and once they are applied you can see them in the timeline What you can do now is disable all these effects using this menu You can also now zoom in the project bin using CTRL+ Mousewheel

In the timeline – where you can also zoom using CTRL+ Scrollwheel – the time indexes will not overlap any more The header color of the selected clip has also been changed to make it more visible, which one is selected and you can use the arrow keys to navigate through the tracks All video tracks have automatically composite enabled so if you for example make one track smaller and you place it above a different track, they will automatically have a composite transition between them you can also disable it In the settings, you can now change the audio backend to Rtaudio which works better with the GPU functionality with the movit library One of the most visible changes: some of you were probably not able to use the dark theme Well, now they are bundled with Kdenlive, so you can switch between the Breeze light, Breeze dark, and Breeze high contrast themes without having to install additional KDE libraries

Qt now handles toolbar sizes, so this way you don't get tiny buttons on high-DPI screens More than 150 fixes have been submitted since the last release many of them contributing to stability For example: in the past, doing this, would crash Kdenlive If you like these changes, make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe Check out my other Kdenlive videos like for example the GPU effects gallery Have fun editing!