kdenlive render preview (English Subbed)

Greatings , and welcome to our channel We are back again with Kdenlive tutorials As we learned in the previous tutorial to use proxy clips and preview mode in timeline to work smoother on low-end machines today , we are going to learn to use render preview to preview effects and transitions easily and smoothly

we placed these two clips in the timeline and we added a simple wipe transition You can check out my tutorial about wipe transition if you want to know more Notice that the timeline is set to preview mode let's preview our project Notice the annoying lag and the low frames preview Especially when we reach to the transition effect It gets worse Our strategy is to select the transition area and we will temporarily render it with full project quality instead of rendering full project to just preview one simple effect

I will do this partially on the effect area Let's move the playhead to the beginning of the effect by move the mouse cursor to the beginning of the effect and press "P" from your keyboard then press "I" to mark the inpoint and move the playhead to end of the effect by moving the mouse cursor and pressing "P" then press "I" to mark the outpoint and from here press "add preview zone" and press here to start rendering the effect area The rendering process may take some time especially in my low-end computer plus I'm doing screan recording so I will fast forward a little bit The rendering process is finally done let's preview our project to notice the difference between the rendered area vs the rest of the project Observe Once the playhead reaches the rendered effect area marked with grean You will notice the quality difference It's now smoother compared to the other non-rendered area which uses low frame preview

I hope that today's tutorial was clear and easy for you and comes in handy while working on your project If you like this tutorial , give us the thumps up , share it and subscribe for more new quality tutorials Peace !