Kdenlive Time Lapse Tutorial

Hello, I will quickly show you how to speed up a video in Kdenlive to create a time lapse Just drag your video to the timeline and use the Speed effect – it's in the "Motion" folder

You set the percentage of the speed that you want and press enter to confirm All you need to do now is export the video If this helped, give this video a thumbs up on YouTube A few warnings though: First of all, this effect currently does not speed up audio You will have to export audio and speed it up in Audacity or using sox if you need it

Second of all, unfortunately this effect can be unstable Before using it, save your project as a separate file Also try to add the speed effect as late as possible in your process, To avoid corruption of your project Because sometimes that can happen If you do notice an issue with this effect, please describe it in a comment Either way, I hope this short tutorial helped

Have fun editing!