Linux Tutorials [04] – Ubuntu Interface, Design & Basic Features

Hey guys wassup, this is Nayan here from Tech Barrack Solutions and today we will talk about the Ubuntu operating system interface On the screen is the Ubuntu graphical user interface (GUI)

Ubuntu is built on the Debian linux project And it is maintained by Canonical Ltd which is a company based in United Kingdom Ubuntu is the most widely used linux operating system and the graphical user interface says it all Apart from the graphical user interface, Ubuntu has also managed to add features which Windows and Mac users enjoy

And thus it has created a new operating system, for users who can enjoy features of both Mac OS X and Windows If we have a look at the interface on the left hand side we have the dock and the top that's this gray color bar, is nothing but the status bar The status bar provides us with the application options like File, Edit, View, Go, Help, etc And it also gives the status of other hardware components of our machine like whether the bluetooth is on or not or whether my internet is connected My sound, my time and also my settings where I can logout, suspend, restart, shutdown or even change the user So that's really nice If you have a look at the dock, the dock can be easily tweaked to your liking

Like you can add an application to your dock or remove an application from your dock or even change the visibility of your dogoff the dock I mean it's not dog it's dock If you have a look at the dock more closely, you have something known as the Workspace Switcher

If you click on it, you have four work spaces And these are separate desktops For example, let's say I have an application, let's say I have a home folder opened on this particular workspace That is the first workspace And let's say I switched to my other workspace

So you know it helps you in multitasking The workspace is exactly as the desktop adding desktop feature on Mac OS X

In Mac OS X you have mission control to add multiple desktops In Ubuntu you call it as the workspace switcher, so its just the naming difference but they both are the same features That's really nice And it's awesome to use multiple applications because it becomes easier for the user If you want to remove an application from the dock then you just right click on it and select unlock from the launcher

One more awesome feature of this dock is that it can go down as long as possible, the list just goes down and you can just keep on scrolling down You have a system settings in here and for the Mac users, you will be like oh yeah! It is similar to Mac because the Mac system preferences is exactly same as the system settings of linux So Ubuntu has tried to bring Windows and Mac OS X features as I told you earlier And we have the Dash Home which is one of the key features of Ubuntu And that's pretty much because you can access anything from this particular Dash Home

It is like the spotlight of Mac You just type inlet's say I just type in firefox and i get it

And it is really very fast It's not like Windows, it is just like Mac OS X spotlight which is quick to respond And it is really nice You can even search the applications or files by categories Whether it is books or whether it is document or whether it is a photo or whether it is a media

Something of that sort And we have the Ubuntu Software Center from where users can download their latest applications and updates Users can also make use of Terminal to download the applications And we have the software update which will keep on popping up every time there is a software update You can even disable these features

That's pretty much though, the Ubuntu Operating System And that's it with this video Please rate, comment, subscribe and visit http://wwwtechbarrackcom