Magento 2.1.x in Ubuntu localhost Installation Guide 2017 | Magento 2 Tutorials

Welcome to Magenest Offical Tutorials In this video I will show you how to install Magento 2 in Ubuntu Before installing Magento 2, you should read it's requirements first Check the Description below for the link to this page In this video i'm using Ubuntu 1604 LTS We will install Composer Apache MySQL 5

6 and above PHP 70 and all the necessary extensions There's a text file in the Description, you can download it So, you dont have to type the command manually, if you like Okay, let's start with Apache Open up your Terminal Type or paste sudo apt-get install apache2 Input your Password Enter Press Yes When it's done, go to your browser Navigate to localhost If you see this page then Apache is installed correctly Next is MySQL Agian in your Terminal type sudo apt-get install mysql-server When it's completed you will have to create a password You will use this later so type in some thing you will remember or write it down Continue with this command to secure your MySQL Type in the password u created before After that it will ask you to do some configuration If you are installing for a live server you will have to do this, but we are doing this for localhost so i will skip this part Now let's install PHP and it's extensions Again you can type or paste the command in your terminals We also need to install the mod rewrite After that edit this file If you do not have sublime text you can use gedit or nano Open up the file and find the line with Directory /var/www then change the AllowOverride to All Restart Apache Now, the Composer Type composer in the Terminal and press Enter, If this show up Then the Composer is installed Next, download phpmyadmin and, extract the file you have just downloaded Then copy it to computer var/www/html Oh, I forgot to give this user permission Chang the name of the folder you have just posted there to phpmyadmin In your terminal navigate to phpmyadmin folder and copy this configuration file type cp config then press tab then configinc

php open the file you have just copy And find the line with blowfish Then input 32 random characters, it can be less than 32 but there will be a warning that you'll see later In your browser navigate to localhost/phpmyadmin The username and password here will be your MySQL username and password Because i did not input 32 characters so it will have a warning here Now create a database for Magento 2 Let's name it magento2 click Create After that, download Magento 21 Again the link is in the description Select the newest Branch then download the zip file copy the zip file to Computer/var/www/html then extract it Rename the folder to magento2 the same name with your database In your Terminal Navigate to magento2 folder Then type composer install Because we did not install all the necessary extension before So this command will return some errors now we have to install the remaining extensions okay, so we lack dom, xsl and simplexml After we install these extensions Run composer install again When done, in your browser navigate to localhost/magento2/setup click Check readiness Oh, we forgot to restart the apache server after installing the extensions so we have to restart it after that, give permission to these folders Press Try agian We're good The Database Name is magento2 as we just created The password is your MySQL password Change this link to "admin" only for the ease of use configure these if you like then create an admin account Okay,now you can check your brand-new installed Magento 2 at your browser, both backend and frontend Thanks for watching, if you have any trouble comment below, we will try our best to reply as soon as possible Subscribe to our channel to get more of these videos I wish you a pleasant day and see you next time!

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