Mobile Photography – New LIGHTROOM app & lens overview!

– What’s up everybody? Peter McKinnon here, and today we’re talking mobile photography, the hardware to use, the apps to use, and is there even a point to the whole thing? (cool relaxing music) I didn’t feel like making it this morning That’ll change this afternoon (laughing)

What is up, guys? Welcome back Today we’re talking a highly requested topic, which is taking photos with your phone Several months back I made a video on some of the apps that I use and a few little techniques to get some good studio shots out of your mobile devices But since then, I’ve been asked so many times, what’s the best phone to use as far as cameras go? Is there any good third party peripherals that I can attach to my phone? What’s the best app for editing? And I’ll tell you right now, it’s all subjective It’s really a personal preference

There’s some apps people love that I just can’t stand the icon on my phone The icon itself is just Snapchat’s kinda like that for me

I just can’t deal with that yellow ghost on my phone Nope But recently a few companies have sent me a couple accessories that I’ve been messing around with when it comes to phone and phone photography or phonography I can’t believe this is even a thing 2017, phew, wow

However, I wanted to make a little video going over some of these new accessories, some of these techniques, and the app that I have most recently been using for all of the photography when it comes to my phone First up, I wanna talk about these crazy Moment lenses Now, I heard about these things months and months ago I actually heard about this company years ago I’ve never had a chance to use the products

A full disclosure, I kinda thought when I first heard about them and saw them, I was like, ah I mean how good could it really be? I just kind of thought to myself, well I mean like what’s the point? Like the camera on my phone is the quality of the camera on my phone Like even if I attach a nice lens to it the image sensor isn’t changing I’m not gonna get more megapixels or anything The only thing I’m gonna do is maybe get some different options as far as focal lengths go

I was skeptical, to be honest So Moment reached out a couple months ago and were like, hey do you want to try out our new lenses? And I’m not being paid to say this They’re not sponsoring this at all They did send me the lenses just to No obligations whatsoever, so thanks for sending me those lenses guys And I gotta say I was pretty impressed Like these are beefy quality lenses Look at this

Look at the element on that thing Like how tasty is that? I just want to eat this lens That’s what I want to do You can tell quality went into this product You throw a specific case on your phone that has a little mount on it and all you gotta do, line up the two lines, twist

That lens is now on your phone You’ve got an 18 mil or you’ve got a super fish, they make a telephoto and a macro lens I think for the individual that’s like not sure if they want to get into DSLRs or mirrorless cameras or anything like that but are like toying with the idea, this is a great kind of stepping stone for that Now at the same time for the people that do own DSLRs and those types of cameras, I also think this is great There’s something to be said about just being able to leave the house like a normal human without having to carry your entire studio with you, ’cause let’s be honest, photographers, cinematographers, we love our gear and sometimes when you leave the house with it you bring this lens, you bring that lens, you bring a backup body, you’ve got the drone, you’ve got the NDs and the polarize

It’s just like some days I just want to leave the house and if I see something I want to take a photo of I bust out my phone, and if I happen to have this tiny little fisheye lens with me, yeah I’ll toss it on ’cause I’ve got the case on my phone already, boom, there you go Cool vantage, cool photo, see you later Now do I think phones will ever get to the point where they replace DSLRs? No, absolutely not I think there’s a time and place for everything when it comes to DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, actual video cameras I don’t think phones will ever really get there personally

If they do, well I’ll eat my own words, but as far as it goes right now, you spend so much money getting your phone into like a cinema rig with a follow focus and a microphone and by the time you’re done just buy a camera I mean you’re almost at the same price point you’d be with an entry level DSLR or a mirrorless camera or something like that So my recommendation is if you are that passionate that you’re gonna outfit your phone to be this like super expensive cinema rig, just buy an actual camera and then invest into that It’s gonna last you more long-term and if you just want to go from hobby into actually making money that’s my recommendation Now that’s just my thoughts on it

You guys might feel differently and that’s totally fine, but as far as phone photography and like professional photos and cinematography and DPs and the business of that industry, I think they’re still very much separate So first thing’s first Let’s talk about these Moment lenses They sent me an 18 mil and a super fish It’s not always about getting the best possible photo

It’s not always about like National Geographic Like sometimes we just want to take photos because we want to have a memory of whatever it is that’s happening Like maybe I’m just on the plane with Dennis on our way to Kenya and we throw on this super fish because it allows us to get photos in areas and confined areas that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to without it It’s those kind of moments that these lenses come in handy Moment, it’s kind of ironic that I said that

Because the name of the company’s Anyway A really great accessory that my friends at Aperture sent me, and again they didn’t pay me to say this or anything

They just sent me these because they’re a bunch of cool guys Look them up if you haven’t, but this is called the M9 It’s this tiny little LED light Look at this Look how thin this is

This is like a credit card sized thinness It charges via a USB cable It’s LED powered It’s super bright It has different brightness settings, but if you just wanted to hold this over someone if you’re taking a portrait and you get someone to hold this if it’s a little bit too dark or you want to bounce it off something, or a horror scene, light from above

Maybe you get three of them and you mount them in different spots of a car and at night that car is just glowing and you’re like, how did you do that? You just lit it with these little jobbies, which is just incredible You’ve got different gels you can throw over the front of these It’s all modular This stuff comes off You can sandwich the gels in between

They’ve got a little stand for them So investing in little things like this that will not only help your mobile photography get to the next level when you’re shooting in those low light conditions, but you can use these with your actual cinematography or your actual photography using higher end cameras like DSLRs and stuff like that So super super cool accessory I’m only recommending it based off the fact that it is this small This is, it’s nothing

It’s nothing to just carry with you whenever you go out Stick it in your glovebox of your car and you’ve got an extra super powerful LED light source So huge fan of those Links for everything is below if you guys want to check out some of these products that we’re discussing today And lastly is the program, the software, the apps that we’re using to actually edit these photos

Now in that last video I did I was a huge fan of Snapseed I haven’t really been using it very much lately because I have been hooked on the Lightroom app They also released an update for the Lightroom app several days ago and it is awesome now, so my personal recommendation if I’m editing photos on my phone I’m using the Lightroom app Not only that, I actually take the photos with the Lightroom app as well because they really enhanced the camera that’s in the app that you can use to adjust all the settings of your phone to shoot that photo right within the app itself So when you launch Lightroom and you get into the camera that’s built into the app and you start shooting with that instead of the actual camera from your phone, they’ve got so many incredible features and it basically unlocks all of the potential of your camera

So they’ve got this new highlight clipping feature where it shows you what’s blown out right away with a zebra pattern, which is super handy because the high end video cameras use the same style technique So if you’ve got an area that’s blow out in the photo you’re gonna see that zebra pattern To fix it you’re just gonna drag left or you’re gonna drag right and it’s gonna show you the increase in that pattern because it’s still blown out, or it’s gonna show you that there’s no zebra pattern, which means your photo’s perfectly exposed So getting that shot right as best as you can in the app in the camera before you start applying edits is always the way to go It’s also incredible that they actually allow you to switch between jpeg and dng

So dng files are gonna hold a little more information and be a little better when it comes to editing So I always have it flipped over to dng but just the fact that they make that option possible is amazing, because now you’ve got higher quality images coming out of your camera, better for edits straight off the bat without having to do anything but flip a little switch On top of that I mean you’ve got all your typical, you’ve got all your shutter speeds, your ISO They even let you control manual focus which is crazy You’ve got your grids, you’ve got your clipping which we showed you before, your aspect ratios, all of that stuff is right at your fingertips within the camera itself

That’s before you even get into their editing part of the software As you guys saw in that B roll, we just jumped out of the car, saw this cool barn, took a couple shots of it with the Moment lens on to see what we could do with it It was a little underexposed so we can change that exposure, we can bring up the shadows, play with our temperature and our white balance, all that basic stuff, but what I really love is the spot selection tool So if you slide over to the very left here and you click on that spot selection then you can choose the brush Now very much like the Lightroom tutorial that I did for you guys several weeks ago, you can paint in a certain area, you can paint in that mask, and then after that mask is painted on with your finger, you just go back into the edits and choose what you want to manipulate within that masked area

So if we want to make this brighter we just drag that up and now the grass is brighter just in the foreground of the photo Same thing goes if maybe we want to add a little more sharpness and clarity just to the barn itself we can add a new masking point, color that in with our finger, come back down, boost the clarity on that Now that barn stands out a little bit more Same thing goes with the radial mask Just like we were faking having lights on in different windows in that Lightroom tutorial, you can do the same thing on your phone or you can just have a little bit of that radial bleed in from the right side, add a little bit more brightness, bring up those shadows, pump the greens, just about everything you can do on your laptop with Lightroom you can pretty much do on your phone on the fly

So we took that underexposed photo like this and edited it within like less than five minutes into something like this Now we also used the curves adjustment so we could lift those blacks and drop the highlights and really tweak this photo to be exactly how we wanted it to look, and Lightroom has also added that haptic feedback so you can feel the different edits that you’re doing when you’re applying them You can even use their pressure sensitivity and if you press harder when you’re painting masks over it covers a larger area They’ve really thought the whole thing out The noise reduction is incredible

So if you’re editing a photo and you’re adding a little bit more green but it’s becoming a little bit noisy, now you can change the color noise to bring that down as well as the overall noise You don’t want to go too heavy on it because it can start to look, uh, start to look weird, but all of that to say this Lightroom app is amazing for not only capturing the images, editing them fully, and then saving them in a higher res capacity So when you add all these things together and you’ve got that extra element that gives you a new field of view, you’ve got a little bit of lighting, if you’re outside of night, you’re doing some portraits, and then on top of that you’ve got a super powerful editing software Now if you’re already signed up for Creative Cloud you’ll have access to that Lightroom app and I think you can even send those edits back to your desktop afterwards from your phone So it’s all linked and it’s just a really really cool way to get incredible results from your phone

So that’s it for today guys I hope you enjoyed it The links are below for any of those accessories if you want to check out the lenses or some of those lights The app is Lightroom You can download it in the app store

Again, this isn’t sponsored or anything like that This is just some of the stuff that I’ve been playing with that I’ve really been enjoying when it comes to taking photos with just my phone Alright, so hit that Like button if you liked this video Subscribe if you aren’t already, and, and I’ll see you guys in the next video I most definitely will

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