OpenShot Tutorial – Free Video Editor for Linux

Hey guys, today we’re going to go over installing and working with Openshot video editor on Linux This is a simple video editor that is similar to Windows Movie Maker

It doesn’t have too many complex editing features, but it’s really easy to use So the first thing we’ll need to do is get Openshot installed We’ll add the repository and install the program Type the following lines into the terminal We’ll also have these lines available in the video description

The entire installation for this program took us about 15 minutes on our computer, but most of that time was due to slow download speeds Now that it’s installed we can go to the launcher and open the program If it doesn’t come up just type in openshot So first we’ll do a little tour This first box is where all the project files you import will be sorted

After they’re imported, you just drag and drop them onto the timeline” Then there’s the transitions menu These seem to work properly between clips, but don’t work right if you’re trying to fade in from darkness We’ll come back to this later on As you can see, there’s quite a few effects

Not all of them are completely useful There’s a lot that would honestly just decrease the quality of the video We’ll be sticking to the simple transitions, so we’ll switch to the common mode by clicking the button at the top Now we can look at the video effects This program looks like it only comes with a few video effects

If we had to do any audio editing though, we’d probably recommend just using Audacity since it’s simple to use So we just have a few general effects here As far as usefulness, the brightness and contrast are probably the best The program does support the use of a greenscreen, but we wouldn’t recommend this on such a simple video editor So to get started, we’ll import the files

The import button is in the file menu at the top We’ve got a few stock videos in our downloads folder that we’ll use for this example Now that we’ve got the files imported, we’ll drag and drop them onto the timeline As far as order for the timeline, the videos that you place on the higher track number will be shown first Therefore, a video on track 4 will cover up any overlapping videos on the lower tracks

Now we’ll just drag in and trim these tracks We’ll want them to overlap a bit, and experiment with the fades Another useful feature is the Title menu We’re just going to add a simple title to our video, but there are also a few animated titles that are worth taking a look at So we’ll make a sample title

We’re changing the color of the background and the font Since we’ve changed the background it won’t be transparent anymore in the final video When the title is finished, openshot saves it as a scalable vector graphics file Then it opens it in our project files so we can drag and drop it wherever we want on the timeline Another feature you’ll need to know about are the timeline options

If we click and drag on this bar we can scale the timeline There’s also a little triangle that can insert markers at various ports on the timeline and there’s buttons to jump between them The last thing we want to do is organize the timeline We’ll right click on the tracks and delete them Then we can rename the tracks we want to keep

Finally, we just need to export the video We’ve been working with 1080p 30 fps video, and those are the same settings as our project We’ll export as an MP4, since these files work well with other programs, including YouTube The whole export process for this program can take a while It’s not quite as efficient as some of the higher end video editing programs so we’ll just skip to the end of rendering and play back the video file we’ve created

So now we’ll play the video back As we can see, the transition for the title didn’t work properly The good news is that the video retained a fairly decent quality after rerendering, so we can safely say that Openshot is a pretty good solution to edit video for free Thanks for watching this video on Openshot video editor for Linux If you liked this video, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel

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