Panorama Photo Stitcher – Ubuntuu

Hello everyone and welcome again are PortalK This time we will see an application called Panorama Photo Stitcher For those who like image editor is a drag having to be sticking the pictures 1×1 irlas accommodating if you can do but is somewhat slow having to accommodate them, give them the tone there is an application that can get from the Ubuntu Software Center panorama photo stitcher is called This application automatically makes us the assembly Let’s find the program This right here is what we will install and we will wait to finish now I finish installed we will go to boot applications the program is in graphics and east of here called Hugin Panorama Creator I will drag to aca to leave the shortcut once at the beginning shows boot tips or tips Start the next thing we will do is add the images either one or all at once as they are added the imagnes

I gave cancel the previous screen that deals not gauge what the following is there is going to click on aligning and wait for it ok now ended what I’m doing is assembling the pictures here I have these four imágnes of photographs they were taken from here where I’m living The images are separated so this is being more or less this one comes running something like The point is that among all just complete the picture I want to do A panoramic image or the program this automatically and I ensabló all pictures takes care to accommodate them, shape them and add blur.

If you want you can move or can add what the cut here by default and gives them one if they want to remove it, if they want to leave it in what is layout gives us what was what really made as he took the pan and here can give you the scale to do cutting east of here once already generated this It’s about to close here and return this picture to program and give create the panorama here we will choose where they will put I’ll leave it right here in the folder imágnes here it says 1 to 5 you can put the same pan and the same name is to put what It is already in panoramic image.

We hope to finish assembling all imágnes and you’re ready let’s see I left her tiff step I will tell You have an option that you can choose the output format tiff format is an image format high quality if they want they can convert jpg if It makes them very heavy is a question that you would move a little adjustments here and put as I said a moment ago these pictures I have them split are fixed so here’s another and here is more to the right would come running something and just because of all completed per this aca generate the program are already assembled All images and there is no mark here

with exception of this one here above is a matter of nomas accommodate and this in here but I had to do the whole movement what is dithering, delete, assembled bone, and give it all I automatically Well this was all this time in portalk see us until the next

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