Puntaje en darktable – Darktable Rating (English Subtitles)

First lets open darktable and select a batch of pictures to start working with You can see that I like to organize my folders by year, date and activity which makes easier to find an element

This batch is from a runway I went last week so it has a ton of pictures to select and since there are so many, load takes some seconds When you take pictures at an event it's normal to have blurry pictures or with bad light since you have no way to control the environment that's why give thema rating is so important since this will help you to reduce time and effort At the bottom of each thumbnail you will see five empty or filled stars and this corresponds to the rating you can give them to activate it, just hit the keys: and this will assing an amount of stars to your picture quite easy, uh? If you see at the top of your darktable window you will see the amount of images that your batch has in my case, I have a bit more than 1200 pics now go to "View" and select the score you set to the pictures you liked this will reduce your batch which will make your workflow much easier I went from 1200 to a bit more than 200 but that's not all you can do with darktable you have a second rating system, but using colors I like to use it to mark the pictures with some blur or poor light that I will later remove from my hard drive to activate it, you just need to press the keys and each one will assign a color that will be shown at the top of each thumbnail at the top of the window, you will be able to select arrange by color and this will set on the top even if they already had a star the pictures according to the color assign so for example, you want to use the color to mark when each model walked the runway you can mix the ratings tools and be much more eficient when you select which pictures you want to edit now you just need to edit your selected photographs and why not? visit and tell me how do you use the darktable rating system