Revisiting two RawTherapee files

So this is one of the first images that I converted when I started using RawTherapee full time, and I like how it looks on the screen I think the colors aren't too bad it's actually

but the thing is when I sent this to print out and put it up at work on the color seems a bit muted so I wanted to try and see if I can get something that's going to look a little better if you get a little more punch and see what happens So I'm gonna go back to a neutral As you can see my blacks aren't perfectly black anymore shes

other than that I didn't mess with with too much if you look at the settings over there; I set the black point in a little bit on the highlight compression That's about it All the other

most of the other sliders seem to be in the same place so so anyway What I want to try what I've learned about recent- you know and understood and much more how it works are the LAB curves so I'm gonna start off with a just a lightness curve I'm going to put a custom and the key thing that I learned here is that you should consider this to be just like graph paper you learned in elementary & middle school so this is your X-Axis this is your Y-Axis taxes so what you're telling it is take what's here and translated to what's here if you think about it that way it makes a lot more sense to understand what it is you doing

So to start off with the blacks and we're just gonna lower this part here and you see what is black is getting you know pushed up if you look up here is getting pushed a bit bring this in a bring this thing about right here Hey, that's not too bad now that thing is this curve is moving everything else so just for curiosity's sake I'm going to try the parametric; parametric kind of lets me only move the part I'm doing; yeah so if we do something like this that seems to be the same let's take a look here here ok seems to give me most of the same bring up the lights a bit and highlight the highlight actually that's lower a little bit let's let's bring up the lights Oops, a bit too much right now I want to take a look at here is Chromaticity according to luminance

So let's open that in parametric as well here's your luminance so using this as your x how much more saturated are you going to try and make the image So what I want to try and do is bring more situation to the lights I think I'm OKin the darks but actually want to reduce a little because it's seemed as playing in the lightness before seemed to have over-brightened her dress a bit bring the darks little more so getting almost a classic S curve here let's bring the lights up a little more hear here at increase the contrast a little bit helps That doesn't quite give me what I want

Let's decrease it a little bit actually ok so have a look at what I loaded it vs now My shadows ended up a lot darker Let's see what I can do about that Maybe back to my light curve over here Let's lighten up the darks a little

bring the shadows back from being so dark Let's compare this It's still brighter to do chromaticity according to chromaticity if I can just bring them more into her actually think I would want to do it that way I think I would want to do and see how would one I would want and bring it up here No those are the arker tones ok so bring it up here more into her face

If I look here vs here It's hard to tell for sure Let's go to a hundred percent I wonder if what actually need to do is change the white balance I'm going to save one off that way and see if that helps at all Actually, I'll put in the queue and also want to try this one here here and being a little blue so the Blues here there we go so I better as well so There you go that's an example of how working with lab space can kind of change the way that you take a look at the pictures Thanks for watching!