Second Successful QuickCam Video with Audio via Kdenlive 2017 02 17

there we go, that's much better Oh

I'm just trying to Okay that's better, tryOKOKwoo hoo! OK now, there's a hum here

I don't why That's the heater OK anyways Now, so, this camcorder can do 640 x 480I don't know what resolution it can do

640 x 480 And yet I have this set up 320 x 240 by 30 frames, but it can do 640 x 480 in this software will do 15 frames a second, which I don't really want I want 30 frames So I'll takethe 320 x 240

That's that So I'm finding that to make theI'm hearing my voice a couple of seconds after

OK I'm that to make this work I had to use the QVGA profile of 2997 frames a second at 320 x 240

And then it works Otherwise, it says "Capture crashed Please check your profile" But now it works