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DjangoCon US 2017 – Django vs Flask by David

(gentle guitar music) – So if you're having trouble viewing the slides particularly on this side of the room, I actually have a link to them It's bit ly/djangocon-flask so you can check it out on your computer and follow along and jump ahead if you want to cheat So yeah, as Brian said, hi, […]

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Graphic Design for Libraries Series Introduction to GIMP 8 30 2017

All right good morning everyone we're gonna go ahead and get started welcome to the second of our graphic design for libraries webinar series this is intro to GIMP my name is Courtney Allison and I'm the Southeast Regional Coordinator from the Indiana State Library's Professional Development Office I'll be the host and question moderator […]

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2017 Best Mirrorless Camera for Photography and Filmmaking

– There was another much more complicated video that I had planned, but in the end, I decided to keep it simple Hey everybody, this is Roberto Blake at RobertoBlake com, helping you create something awesome today Today, I wanna talk to you guys about what I think is probably my favorite camera and Lord […]

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