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How to make a GIF with GIMP

GIMP is very powerful free image editing software, you can do a lot with it including making GIF animations Let’s have a look at how to make GIF animations in GIMP Hello everyone, It’s Average Linux User helping you to install, configure and use Linux I make Linux tutorials every Wednesday and Friday Subscribe and […]

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How to Piss Off a Photographer

Oh hey! Lok! Hey how's it going man long time no see! You're Warren! Yea yea yea man we met while ago somewhere but you're a photographer now! That's crazy! Yea just make a living Yeah this is I mean this is a nice camera and everything look at that eight, five mm? I don't […]

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A Beginner’s Guide To Tiny Planet Photography 🌎

So I want to talk to you guys about tiny planet photography which is where you Use a consumer 360 camera like the Ricoh theta V like they have around the corner there and you can turn them into amazing Beautiful tiny planets like we see here which are very social media friendly And it's […]

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