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How to Bake Perfect Normals in Blender – Tutorial

This! is a normal map And when you apply it to a mesh it creates the illusion of height information, without costing you anything in render times Now normal maps are frequently found on material websites, like Poliigon, as it allows you to create more realistic-looking materials But You can also create your own normal […]

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Eli Manning’s Photographer | Hardest Jobs in Sports

– Eli Manning has accomplished just about everything an NFL quarterback could hope to He was drafted first overall He's won two Super Bowls But there's still something he hasn't done He's never taken a decent photograph And I would know I'm his personal photographer (elegant piano music) Photographing Eli Manning is tough He just […]

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Best Feature In Nikon D850 | Silent Photography

Hello Friends, This is Siddharth Malkania In our last two reviews of Nikon D850 we discussed about its two beautiful functions in which, one was back button illuminations and another was Peaking level We will discuss about Silent Photography today In case you are a street photographer or a wildlife photographer It is a beautiful […]

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