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Kdenlive 15.12 New Features

Hello and welcome to Kdenlive 1512 We are going to take a look at the new features and we're gonna start with the effects So as you probably already know, you can mark effects as favorites, and then you have access to them in this "favorite effects" tab Now you can filter this tab using […]

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Kdenlive Time Lapse Tutorial

Hello, I will quickly show you how to speed up a video in Kdenlive to create a time lapse Just drag your video to the timeline and use the Speed effect – it's in the "Motion" folder You set the percentage of the speed that you want and press enter to confirm All you need […]

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kdenlive render preview (English Subbed)

Greatings , and welcome to our channel We are back again with Kdenlive tutorials As we learned in the previous tutorial to use proxy clips and preview mode in timeline to work smoother on low-end machines today , we are going to learn to use render preview to preview effects and transitions easily and smoothly […]

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