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How to Bake Perfect Normals in Blender – Tutorial

This! is a normal map And when you apply it to a mesh it creates the illusion of height information, without costing you anything in render times Now normal maps are frequently found on material websites, like Poliigon, as it allows you to create more realistic-looking materials But You can also create your own normal […]

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OpenShot Tutorial – Free Video Editor for Linux

Hey guys, today we’re going to go over installing and working with Openshot video editor on Linux This is a simple video editor that is similar to Windows Movie Maker It doesn’t have too many complex editing features, but it’s really easy to use So the first thing we’ll need to do is get Openshot […]

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OpenShot Video Editor : introduktion

When you are with your smartphone, tablet or digital camcorder – – filming loose, there may be something you want – – edited into a great movie, you can show – – family and friends and possibly use on the Internet These video editing programs often cost much money – – but you can instead […]

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