‘The Beauty of Rust’ | Macro Photography Tips with Alberto Ghizzi Panizza

TIPS macro C Albert GITSI PANITZA Hi, I'm macro and say Alberto Gitsi Panitza Today we are in Sweden to make some macroshot in the famous Automorgue Kyrkö Mosse, in this amazing forest

Here are my favorite tips to become part of the world of macro photography SET depth of field Choosing the depth of field is one of the most important things that macro should master The depth of field depends on the four elements First, the aperture value Lower values ​​mean less depth of field

A closed aperture means greater depth of field Another important aspect is the focal length If you are very close to the object, Depth of field is small If you are farther away from the object, depth of field increases significantly Focal length, short lens has a large depth of field, and the longer lens has a shallow depth of field

Another important thing you should know is the size of the sensor If you want to increase the depth of field, select APS-C, DX camera If you want to have less depth of field, use a full frame camera DETERMINATION OF operating distance of every lens For each macro is very important to know working distance lens Each NIKKOR lens has an indicator that shows the working distance

NIKON D810 1/15 sec | ISO 64 | f / 11 CHOICE OF EQUIPMENT It is better to have a tele or extension tubes if you want to leave your odds of reproduction in natural size All the latest Nikon's mikroobektivi achieved a coefficient of reproduction at natural size, but if you want to get out of this increase, you can easily put a teleconverter lens and increase the rate of reproduction Something very important when you make only one photo is to find consistency between the sensor of the camera and the object In the best match the site will be fully focused just one experience

NIKON D810 1/60 sec | ISO 320 | f / 2,8 Finding a way to stabilize the SITE In macro photography using the flash, for example Nikon R1C1, is very useful because if you have a moving object with flash You can choose to use faster operating time and to freeze subject motion One of the biggest challenges is less motion blur The option for vibration reduction restricts your own vibrations but if your subject is moving, Lens is very clear and can affect blur So you need to find a way to stabilize the site