Tips and Tricks: KDEnlive #2 (Select Multiple Items; english subtitles)

Welcome to another video of quick tips and tricks This time I'll explain how to select multiple items located on the same or different tracks of KDEnlive's timeline

These can be video or audio clips, images or any other asset KDEnlive accepts in its tracks Selecting items using this technique is extremely useful to apply effects or transitions or any other action that can be applied to multiple assets at once For example, I'm going to apply a very obvious effect so we can clearly see what's happening to these three clips I just selected I'm sliding the cursor here so we can notice the changes and, for instance Here it is We can see the effect was applied to this clip, this and this the ones we selected before And none of the others has the effect The same can be done to remove effects, transitions, etc We can select the same three items open the properties tab and remove the effect

As we can see the effect was removed from the selected clip the red one but also from this and this one The effect was removed from all the selected clips We can select or remove items at once or both at once and individually Right now I have these four elements selected but I want to remove this one because I added it by mistake All I have to do is click on Ctrl and the clip to remove

That's it It was removed from the selection Let's do it again Select these four clips, this one add by mistake Ctrl, click on the clip and done! So, yes

KDEnlive allows us to select multiple clips at once, consecutively or not and combining the two We just can't do it only pressing the left button of the mouse, as I'm trying to do right now We need to click on both the mouse (left button) and Shift This way we can select multiple consecutive items, as I'm doing, or combining the two Consecutive items: left click of the mouse, and shift

Then another one in a different point of the timeline, so, a non-consecutive item by pressing Ctrl and clicking on the clip using the right click of the mouse As we can see multiple consecutive and non-consecutive items can be selected at once Let recap Left click of the mouse, Shift, select three items and a fourth clip further away on the timeline, like this first one What about you? Do you use or have used KDEnlive? What's your experience with this software? Tell us all about it the comments below

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