Top 10 Reasons why GIMP is better than Photoshop [NEW 2017]

Hi guys I'm Mirveys from A2Z projects and today in this video we're gonna talk about top 10 reasons why GIMP is better than Photoshop let's start with the most obvious and possibly the most important one GIMP is free no charge not a zip zero

on the other hand Photoshop is expensive and you cannot buy it you can just rent like a car #2 GIMP is much smaller to install its just 85 megabytes for Windows, Photoshop installer size is about 1GB #3 GIMP is cross-platform you can find it on any operating system Windows Mac Linux but there is no Photoshop for Linux #4 Photoshop is extremely resource intensive it will run on older computers but it's gonna be sluggish and slow but GIMP is amazingly light fast and stable #5 free upgrades GIMP upgrades are always free but Photoshop upgrades can cost you as much as $200 every 12-18 months #6 GIMP can read and edit PSD files of Photoshop but Photoshop can not do the same for GIMP native files #7 GIMP is more user-friendly just try it yourself to make sure #8 GIMP is open source which means anyone can modify the core code and develop plugins and new features #9 GIMP goes portable

there is a portable version of GIMP available to load on your flash USB so you can edit your files on anyone's computer anywhere and finally #10 customization the GIMP user interface is completely customizable and can be minimal if you like a Photoshop user interface then you can make your GIMP look like that too, hope you enjoy the video don't forget to subscribe and like the video see you soon